The Negative Consequences of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can have many negative impacts  on the life of people. The effect of this crime is short term, but if not dealt well can lead to long lasting troubles which disastrously impacts the life of the target as well as the bully.

It is the responsibility of every parent to see how much time their kids are spending online. And more importantly, it is crucial to keep an eye on their activities and know all about what is cyberbullying. If you find something weird, then do not ignore the signs. Investigate!!!!!

The effects of Cyberbullying on the target are:

· A bullied child can experience depression which can cause him to ignore people

· He/ she may lose confidence. The action and method of bullying could push him to the edge of doubting his abilities and strength.

· The online bullying effects aren’t just limited online. They extend and prohibit the target from sleeping. The fear, anxiety and depression prevent him from getting a good sleep.

· There could be physical indications too like constant headache, weird behavior etc.

· A person bullied online could be worried for no reason

· Cyberbullying truly kills your interest. You wouldn’t be interested in going to school, market or anywhere.

Effects of Cyberbullying on bullies are:

· Online bullies have trouble in making friends and long lasting relations. Due to his/ her intimidating personality, they find it hard to keep long lasting friendship and relations.

· They constantly struggle in school/ at work. What they do online consumes them and with all this going in their head, they can’t focus on their studies or work

· In several countries cyber bullying is a crime. So, at some or the other stage, the law may charge them guilty and they could end up in a criminal conviction.

Whether short term or long term Cyberbullying has a disastrous effect on the target as well as the bully! No one deserves to be bullied or bully other.