A List of Hospital Bag Essentials for A To-be Mother

So, finally you’re over 34 weeks pregnant and now you require a hospital bag checklist for mom that they’ll need there, when the baby’s ready to come. Check out the hospital bag checklist to help you during the time:

Cash: The topmost essential hospital bag item is cash. Whether it is for any of the cravings, snack time desires, gift items or just miscellaneous expenses, but there has to be some cash in the hospital bag of a to-be mother.

Charger and Mobile phone: Make sure that your spouse has a mobile phone when she’s heading towards the hospital. You need to update your family and friends about the big news, the moment the baby arrives.

Family pictures: Don’t forget to bring the pictures of your older kids to the hospitals during your labor. It will help you stay focused.

Flip-flop: It is important to get your flip flop for shower hour or to wear them home, if your feet have swollen.

Hair Care Items: Barrettes, clips, comb and brush are a must during your labor time. You surely don’t want any hair over your face during labor. (And, certainly you want to look your best in the first picture with your newborn!)

Home arriving dress for the baby: Do not go for tight-fitting or sleep sack dresses; rather go for a kimono style dress with footed pants. Do carry a hat and a receiving blanket. (The blanket could be warm, if its winters and a cotton one, if it is a summer delivery)

Home arriving dress for the mother: Tidy, loose-fitting attire will suit your round belly best and make your tour to home comfier too.

Necessary Documents: Do bring copies of birth planning, an ID proof, health insurance details as well as hospital registration form. If you’ve already signed up with a hospital, make sure that the hospital confirms the records before admitting.

Manicure Instruments: Your baby may have long nails, right after its birth. Thus, you need to carry a pair of fingernail scissors or a small emery board from the toiletry kid of baby in your hospital bag.

Toiletries: Right after the delivery, you will need your sanitary pads and undies. So, themotherduck.com recommends that you carry them in abundance. Carrying lip balm, deodorant, shampoo and face wash along with you is equally important.

Nursing items: It is important to carry breast pads to engross leakage, bras, nursing tank tops and lanolin cream as you’ll need it, right after the delivery. A breast pump is also important, however, the hospitals will provide you with one.

Robe, sleepwear: A cotton maternity night gown set will be comfier in comparison to a hospital gown. A robe goes handy for your hospital walks.

Brush and toothpaste: You cannot avoid brushing, even when you’re in the hospital. Thus, carrying a toothpaste and brush in your bag is a must.

With so many things to keep in mind for the Hospital bag checklist for mom, it is very crucial to do the packing with great caution. A single item missed could create last minute troubles for the mother and newborn.