Beauty and Brains: Accountant Crowned Miss USA

Beauty and brains: for many people, the two are mutually exclusive, but this year’s (2013) Miss USA is blowing those old stereotypes away this year'. Miss Connecticut Erin Brady was crowned Miss USA on June 16, but what has most people talking about is not just her looks, but her background, too.

Brady is an accountant and university graduate, and while the talent portion of the Miss USA competition is often derided, Brady used it to her complete advantage to show she has the smarts to go along with her looks. Now that she’s leaving behind her accounting days for the glitz and glamor of her new title, everybody wants to know who the new Miss USA is. 

We will take a look at Brady’s upbringing, what made her who she is today, and how she pulled off her spectacular win at the Miss USA pageant.

A Complicated Past

This Connecticut State University graduate had an upbringing that was both difficult and yet seemed to prepare her for her current stardom. Growing up, Brady’s grandmother would have Brady and her sister strut their stuff as though they were beauty pageant queens.

Back then, it was just fun and games for the young girls, but when Brady shocked her family by entering the Miss Connecticut contest, she must have been channelling those old backyard beauty pageants because she blew the competition away. But Brady’s past was not all fun and games. She grew up in a family that was sorely afflicted by drug and alcohol abuse, and one of the things Brady wants to use her new crown for is to help those who are suffering from such abuse.

Miss USA

Brady’s principles and background put her in good stead with the Miss USA judges. When asked if she supported the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold widespread DNA testing, Brady didn’t hesitate in answering. She told the judges that if such testing could help prevent crimes and catch criminals, then she would support it.

The judges were impressed, especially when contrasted to Miss Utah’s cringe-worthy invocation to “create education better.” Brady’s intellectual gifts were combined with a stunning orange bikini and matching halter top. She later looked even more glamorous in a strapless gown with a gold spangled corset and white train.

The Future

The first thing the new Miss USA will do is happily leave her white collar job and take some time to process her win. As Miss USA, she will live in a swanky Manhattan apartment and tour the world promoting breast cancer awareness. Although, as we’ve mentioned, she will also use her title to address alcohol and drug addiction issues as well. She will compete for the Miss Universe title in Moscow this winter, a title that is currently held by former Miss USA Olivia Culpo. If you want to see that pageant, you can do so through DirectTV.

Because of her principled stand on issues that are close to her heart, as well as her clear intellectual gifts, the current Miss USA is breaking old stereotypes. From accountant to beauty queen, Erin Brady has all the goods to show that beauty and brains can go together.