Do Not Starve But Eat Right After Pregnancy for Weight Loss

You should believe that there are no short cuts for losing weight, especially when you are struggling hard to lose weight after the pregnancy. Rather than going on rigid crash diets, you should insist in eating well.

Especially when you are breastfeeding it is important to take appropriate nutritional food for the sake of your baby.

You should however, cut out your intake of alcohol, sodas, soft drinks and opted for juices and smoothies rich in proteins and fibers. Also, cut back intake of carbs and eat only green vegetables, whole grains, egg whites, fish, cereals, and low fat milk.

If possible start the day with the green tea or a clean shake and straight away heads for the workouts. Your lunch and dinners should be super low carb meals accompanying with lots of soups and salads.

Irrespective of busy schedule workout every day regularly because this was the only full proof plan that will yield results. The key to stay lean especially after pregnancy and when your age is above thirty is a bit difficult, but all thanks to your trainer that can plan different vigorous workouts for you.

Cardio, aerobics, Pilates, kick boxing and often indulging in physical sports such as playing badminton, swimming, cycling, and hiking. While going for hikes you should often wore her baby and worked her sweat out.

With the right direction of what to eat and what not to and concentrating on specific exercises can help you lose weight. So, if you are determined to slim down then it is important to follow the correct guidelines of do’s and don’ts to lose weight after pregnancy.

Your fitness regime should include aerobics workouts. If you love to dance don’t just make your passion go as this is the better way to lose weight. Your meals should be simple and can include:

Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 2 slices of cranberry loaf

Lunch: Crab salad mixed with green vegetable and one smoked salmon sandwich, Low fat soup

Dinner: Small cup of rice with mushrooms or meat or Lettuce salad with the French dressing or roasted chicken with lemon and steamed rice

Share your personal experiences below and tell us your story and recipes about the weight loss which has helped you. 

Tips for Changing A Dirty Baby Diaper

Dirty diaper change – a task inspiring fright in both men and women. But it can be made quite interesting if you best realize the ins and outs of changing a dirty diaper.

Below featured are the tips helping new parents to make dirty diaper change an interesting artwork.

1- Lay down the baby on a safe surface or a cleaned changing table. Give him/her a toy to turn their attention so that you can change the diaper without his/her interruption.

2- Unfasten the tabs of soiled diaper and wipe the areas where dirty parts of the diaper have touched. If the baby had a bowel movement, raise his/her legs up in the air and clean the areas using moistened wipes.

3- Lift the legs and pull the dirty diaper away from the baby. Fold the mess along with used wipes by rolling the diaper. Fasten the soiled diaper using one of its tabs over to the opposite side to wrap the sides of the diaper. Fold over other tabs to the opposite sides to make a tight, enwrapped ball, ready to be discarded.

4- Place the baby’s bottom under the fresh diaper. Keep the adhesive tabs facing you, and the diaper above the baby’s hip area. If it is a baby boy, place a washable cloth over the un-diapered area to know urination during mid-changing.

5- Apply diaper rash cream on baby’s bottom and in the creases between his/her legs to get rid of redness.

6- Fold the diaper parts having no tabs over the front of the baby and ensure it reaches at the belly bottom. Place the left front corner against baby’s hip, hold flat. Open the left tab and pull over the front left corner till the tab reaches half-way across the baby’s belly. The diaper must snuggly fit against baby’s stomach without causing any tightness.

Diapering is another area where parents need to spend considerable amount of money. It can be made affordable if you use pampers coupons. These coupons get you at diapers available at fairly decent rates online. Most online general merchandise and other baby shops offer diapers on pamper coupons.

Other than diapers, you can get baby accessories, baby wipes and other items designed for newborn babies via these coupons. Thus, be a parent saving a lot for the future of your baby!

Hopefully you like the above tips. We love to hear about your ideas about changing the dirty baby diapers. Please share them below in the comment section.